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Dieting/Starvation/Personality Changes

Dr. Philip Grossi
Sunday, 01 April 2012

In the prior blog I reported on the physical changes in 32 men in the Minnesota Study reported by Ancel Keys. Now I will report the psychological changes noted by Keys.

These changes include:

  • fatigue, apathy, and feelings of sadness, gloominess, feeling blah, depressed.
  • concentration, alertness, self-discipline and comprehension decreased.
  • irritability, moodiness, tension, anxiety, and restlessness increased.
  • spontaneous activity and interests declined.
  • reduced ambition, interests and pleasure.
  • feeling ineffective.
  • self-perceptions were skewed to the negative and performance declined in a variety of pursuits.
  • reduced libido
  • reduced self-care
  • some violence
  • sensitivity to noise
  • poorer work performance.

Clearly there are prominent changes in emotional modulation with an overall depression in a number of functions.

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